Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: July 24th – July 30th

Cups,Crossroads, and the Way of World Tea Expo
+Geoffrey Norman‘s final coverage of  World Tea Expo 2016 gave voice to something I think a lot of bloggers were feeling. What is our place in the industry? How do we become more like +Darlene Meyers Perry?

Puerh is Alive
+Cwyn N gave us an important reminder, puerh is alive. Tea is often thought of as a static thing but puerh is constantly changing. Storing it can become a hobby in and of itself. This isn’t something that I’ve delved into much myself but it’s fascinating stuff.

Tea Hostess Cupcakes
+Bonnie Eng is the hostest with the mostest, especially with the recipe she posted this week. Matcha cream filled cupcakes? Yes, please!

Raw Pu’erh Learning & Basics
+Tea DB has been doing a great series of videos where they answer viewers questions. In this episode they focus on raw puerh. The usual tea filled hilarity ensued.

Prana Chai
Marzipan at TeaLover.Net wrote about one of my biggest WTE regrets. How did I miss out on such a beautiful chai? The fact that the leaves are coated in Australian honey is really unique.

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