Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: July 19th – July 25th

Something funny happened to last week’s round up. A Blogger glitch caused it to revert to an empty template. Thank you to everyone who tweeted, emailed and messaged to let me know about it! In my attempts to fix the issue with my phone on my lunch break, I accidentally deleted the previous week’s round up. Gah! I really wish that they had a “trash bin” so that deleted posts could be restored. Let’s hope that there won’t be any more problems.

Nonpareil Organic Phoenix Dan Cong Feng Huang Oolong
Buying tea on AliExpress is a bit of a gamble but +Kayleigh Jade wrote about an excellent fine this week. Dan Cong is still one of my favorite kinds of oolong.

Iced Matcha Watermelon
+Jee Choe shared this creative iced matcha recipe that sounds incredibly refreshing. The presentation is gorgeous too! I could definitely see myself serving these to friends at a summer BBQ.

Silver Moonlight White from Whispering Pines
I’ve heard a lot about Whispering Pines from friends on Instagram and Steepster but have yet to try any of their teas myself. Moonlight whites are among my favorite teas. Deep in the Steeps provides some great background information about it.

Summus Tea Cold Brew Bottle with Black and Oolong Teas – Tea Review
+Charissa Gascho (aka Oolong Owl) made some great discoveries at World Tea Expo, including this one that I missed! I love the idea of the color changing cold brew bottle and those teas look awesome too. She’s inspired me to do some experiments with cold brewing oolongs soon.

Recipe: Coconut Matcha Popsicles
Heather of Hanamichi shared a summer treat recipe that I will definitely need to try. I love the ingredients are so simple! These sound like they would be a great alternative to my frequent ice cream indulgence.

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