Friday Round Up: July 17th – July 23rd

My tasting notes: Gyokuro
I recently discovered a new blog called The Tea Squirrel, written by +Anna Mariani, and I’ve really enjoyed her posts so far. The photography in this post is so beautiful. It makes me want to run out and get some irises of my own.

Cha Do: The Way of Tea
Warren over at SimpleSubtleTea attended an event in California where he got to see Wu De of Global Tea Hut speak. Talk about jealous! Hopefully there will be a similar event on the east coast soon.

Tea Flavour Ice Lollies
It’s been incredibly hot and humid here in NJ the last few weeks. Jaye at +Cardiff in a Tea Cup shared some recipes for tea ice pops that will definitely come in handy. Coconut milk and matcha sounds like a match made in heaven.

Spring Long Jing (Dragon Well) Green Tea
Microshrimp’s Book of Tea put together an interesting comparison of Dragonwell teas from two different vendors. I really enjoyed the fair, balanced approach. It’s easy to want to declare a winner but this post was a great reminder that every tea has its place.

DIY Green Tea After Sun Spray
This post is timely as I recently found myself with a bit of sunburn after a long day playing Pokemon Go. Yep, I said it! +Lu Ann Pannunzio hosted this fantastic guest post written by Jen Fitch of A Sip of Bliss.

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