Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: January 29th – February 4th

Gongfu Tea Part 1: Getting into Gongfu Tea
The Tea Letter is a new to me blog that I just started subscribing to. This week’s post is a perfect introduction to the world of gongfu brewing.

Loose Leaf vs Tea Bag
Hannah Ruth Tea put together a great video comparing the differences between loose leaf and tea bags. She did a great job of explaining the advantages without coming off as a tea snob.

Black Teas of the Arakai Estate
+Geoffrey Norman has a knack for finding a good tea story. This one about a tea harvester bike in Australia is a must read.

A Trip Around Sri Lanka with Teakruthi
Sri Lanka has long been synonymous with commodity tea and Sir Thomas Lipton. That being said, there’s been some really unique specialty teas being produced there in recent years. Kitty Loves Tea explored some of them in this week’s post.

Ladurée in Beverly Hills
+Bonnie Eng‘s gorgeously photographed tour of Ladurée’s new Beverly Hills location reminded me that I still have yet to visit them in NYC. That must be corrected soon!

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