Friday Round Up: January 24th – January 30th

Friday Round Up: January 24th – January 30th

Five Years in Tea: A Retrospective
World of Tea has been posting some excellent blog posts but this one really drew me in. I almost feel like Jordan is a brother in arms after reading this post, I can definitely relate to a lot his retail experiences.

There Is No Money in Tea
I love a good rant and this one from +Geoffrey Norman was awesome. There’s been some major drama going on in the online tea world and I appreciated his unusually diplomatic approach.

New Year’s Matcha
+Alexis Siemons waxed poetic about Ippodo’s special new year matcha. I can’t say that I blame her. Their seasonal offerings are always amazing.

Gifts for Tea Lovers (That Aren’t Tea) Part 1
The funny thing about tea enthusiasts is that we don’t just drink our tea, we buy it in every shape and form that we can find. Marzipan over at TeaLover.Net put together a great collection of everything from soaps to lip balm and spoons.

Yunnan Noir – Embracing the Dark Side
I love love love finding tea blogs to read. I recently came across a brand new one called Tea and That. They’re just getting started but Rory is off to a great start!