Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: January 22nd – January 28th

Let Faith Arise
There are many tea people in my life who are inspirations. +Darlene Meyers Perry is definitely one of them. This post about her journey to Japan is a reminder that sometimes you just have to show up.

The Tea Squirrel reports from the Global Tea Initiative at UC Davis
It seems like the awesome tea events are always on the opposite coast from me. At least I get to live vicariously through +Anna Mariani‘s coverage of this very exciting event.

Silver Tea Pot Review and Testing
If my Instagram feed is any indication, silver teapots are all the rage. +Charissa Gascho gives a very thorough comparison to other popular brewing vessels like yixing and ruyao. The pros and cons she lists are a great place to start if you’re considering buying one.

Mr. Chen’s Magic: Best Bug Bitten 2016
The wonderful thing about Instagram is that it can connect us with fellow tea lovers around the world. Even tea farmers are getting in on the action. Tea Leafster recently got to enjoy some of the teas produced by Mr. Chen. I’ve been enjoying his pictures for some time so it’s good to hear that his tea is as tasty as it looks.

White2Tea 2015 Smooch – S.W.A.L.K.
I love a good puerh ball, especially when it’s from White2Tea. Diary of a Northern Teaist’s description made me really want to give this one a try. We’re in total agreement on the resemblance to marbles and the child-like joy that brings.

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