Friday Round Up: January 1st – January 7th

Best Teas of 2016
+Rachana Rachel Carter put together a list of some of her favorite teas from the past year. I have to say that she has great taste. Several of my own favorites made the cut!

The Tea-Stained Glory that was 2016
+Robert Godden drew some inspiration from my post on Monday and put together a top 10 of his own blog posts. If you haven’t read his writing before, this entry is a great place to start.

Oolong Owl’s 2016 Tea Consumption and Stash Data
I don’t know anyone who keeps more detailed records of their tea drinking than +Charissa Gascho. Her yearly state of the tea union is something that I look forward to reading every year, mostly because it gives me delusions that my stash isn’t THAT bad. 😛

Getting My Tea Groove Back
+sara shacket‘s penned a very relatable yet intriguing post this week. She gives us an idea of what the next year will hold for her blog along with lots of hints of some very exciting projects that are in the works.

A Moment for Something New
One blogger voice that I’ve missed over the last few months was +Jen Piccotti. In this brand new post, she fills us in on what’s new and lets us know about her experiences with the Teforia tea infuser.

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