Friday Round Up: January 18th – January 24th

Friday Round Up: January 18th – January 24th

Best Bay Area Tea Shops
+Tony Gebely posted this very handy guide to all things tea in San Francisco. This is one destination that is definitely on my to-do list.

Kombucha: Everybody’s Friend
Revoluzzion published a very informative post on kombucha. While not exactly tea, my favorite beverage is the main ingredient so I do drink it from time to time.

Both of Teavivre’s Milk Oolongs Side-by-Side, Grandpa Style!
Just Another Tea Blog is back in action with an interesting comparative tasting. I love a good milk oolong too but I’ve never tried them grandpa style.

Golden Tips, Jungpana Darjeeling Tea, A Review
Another blog that came back into action this week was Humble Tea Leaf. I love the beautiful pictures and how she explains some of the nerdy tea terms that might be confusing for a newbie.

The Latest Buzz on Tea and Caffeine
Tea’s relationship with caffeine can be confusing because of all of the conflicting info out there. Bruce Richardson cleared things up a bit on his blog.

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