Friday Round Up: January 10th – January 16th

Friday Round Up: January 10th – January 16th

Green Tea Soba with Nori Pesto
+Bonnie Eng, tea chef extraordinaire, made me super hungry with this post. I’m a sucker for pesto. Add matcha and I’m hooked!

Blog Anniversary Giveaway
A big congratulations is in order because +Charissa Gascho celebrated her three year blog anniversary this week. Make sure that you enter her giveaway for a chance to win adorable kitty mugs.

Sara’s Tea Caddie White Leaf Sencha
+Ricardo Caicedo reviewed a fascinating sencha tea that I have not seen in many places. I couldn’t help but think of Anji Bai Cha while I was reading his post. He puts a lot of effort into researching cultivars, making My Japanese Green Tea one of my go tos for information.

Stepstone to the Way of Tea
BeauTeaFully posted a short and sweet intro to Chanoyu this week. I loved learning about Reika’s personal journey with tea and studying the Japanese tea ceremony.

Resolutions for 2016 + Teavana’s Wellness Teas Review
+Georgia SS is starting off the year on a great foot. I love her resolution to send handwritten letters to friends. It’s one that I’m inspired to start myself too!