Friday Round Up: February 8th – February 14th

Friday Round Up: February 8th – February 14th

The Tea Whisk or Chasen
Tyas posted an  interesting post on +Tea Talk. I couldn’t agree more with his defense of the chasen as the best tool for making matcha.

Preparing Usucha
Speaking of whisking matcha, +Oca Ocani wrote an excellent guide to preparing usucha.

Great Horse Tea’s Bai Ji Guan Wuyi Rock Oolong
+Tea DB had a special guest on this episode who shared his experiences traveling in China. I love a good Wuyi oolong.

Practising Mindfulness in a Busy World
Revoluzzion gave an important reminder about how tea can help us to be in the moment. I don’t always remember to do this myself but when I do, I always relish the feeling,

The 5 Tenents of Teakwondo
Instead of her usual pun-filled video, +The Snooty Tea Person brings us a bit of wisdom from her taekwondo retreat. My fave is: “When that guy with a Red Bull laughs at your mug, that’s fine. Dragon Well gives you wings.”.

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