Friday Round Up: February 7th – February 13th

Podcast 028: The Tea Crane
+Ricardo Caicedo‘s podcast is always thoughtfully curated. I love that the world of Japanese tea is so complex! This is his second interview with Tyas from +The Tea Crane.

Bir and Tea
Until I’m able to venture out into the world I live vicariously through the tea travels of other people. Sharad over at om•qi•zen shared a bit about his visit to Kangra.

Tea Drunk Vs. Actual Drunk
+Geoffrey Norman did an awesome collaboration with his cousin Jason Norman. They put together a little comic strip comparing tea drunks like us to regular ol’ run of the mill drunks. Hilarity ensued.

DAVIDsTEA Honey Black
New to me blogger Michelle of One More Steep reviewed a tea that I’ve been addicted to lately. This stuff has been discontinued so make sure that you scoop some up while you still can. It’s so good!

Kilns for Firing a Yixing Teapot
Jason of Cult of Quality shared some very in depth information about the different methods for firing yixing clay teapots. The diagram of a snake kiln was fascinating.

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