Friday Round Up: February 7th – February 13th

Interview with TJ Williamson of The World Tea podcast
Connor of T Ching did a great interview with +TJ W of World Tea Podcast. Who knew that skiing could lead to a passion for tea?

Bug-bitten teas: why are leafhoppers only sometimes a good thing?
+Eric Scott (who contributed an awesome article to the latest issue of Tea for Me Please Quarterly) wrote a thorough and informative post about bug bitten teas on +Tea Geek.

3 Leaf Tea: Wild Pu’erh Buds (Ya Bao): A Tea Review
I always enjoy +Amanda Wilson‘s tea reviews. This one reminded me that I haven’t had any Ya Bao in far too long.

It’s a New Day!
After blogging about tea for so many years, it can be easy to lose sight of why we became passionate about tea in the first place. +Darlene Meyers-Perry‘s declaration about changing the way she blogs was inspiring. She took the words right out of my mouth!

New York City Moments
+Jen Piccotti shared a bit about her visit to NYC. I was supposed to have joined in the adventure but was under the weather that day so I had to stay home. I’m so glad that she had a good time.

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