Friday Round Up: February 28th – March 5th

Gaiwan Tea Brewing
Shiuwen of +Floating Leaves Tea has a reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable tea vendors in the biz. Her blog post this week was a great reminder of the importance of using intuition to brew your tea.

Huang Shan Maofeng Tea: tba
+Rona McIntyre was gifted what sounds like an amazing green tea by one of her students. Her pictures and vivid descriptions definitely had me digging through my tea stash for some maofeng.

Ruyao Ru Kiln Teapot Repairs
+Cwyn N shows us how she repairs teapots with JB Weld. Heed the advice about properly packing fragile items too. I think every tea lover has had this happen to them at some point.

Hooty Tea Travels – Vancouver Tea February 2016
+Charissa Gascho took a trip to her hometown of Vancouver and managed to squeeze in some tea adventures amidst wedding craziness. I’ve never heard of Treasure Green before but they’ll definitely be added to my Canadian to do list.

Met My Matcha
+Robert Godden‘s post definitely made me stop and take a second look. Could it be the The Devotea actually drank a Japanese green tea? Indeed he did but it didn’t turn out quite the way that I thought. Albatross holds a whole new meaning after reading this post.

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