Friday Round Up: February 22nd – February 27th

Ocha no Sato World Tea Museum
If I’m ever able to travel to Japan I know that I will definitely be using Heather’s blog as a reference on all of the must see places. Her in depth look at this museum is Shizuoka definitely made me want to visit!

Global Tea Hut’s January Tea Club — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #70
James of +Tea DB takes a look at +Global Tea Hut, one of my favorite tea subscription services. His comments are pretty on par with my experience with them.

The Art of the Korean Tea Ceremony
+sara shacket went to an amazing event recently in NYC. Her pictures do a great job of highlighting the beauty and grace of darye. The Korean tea ceremony definitely deserves more attention.

Dealing with Traditionally Stored Teas
MarshalN gives us some great pointers on how to handle traditionally stored teas. I don’t drink these often since I don’t really enjoy the taste as much as dry stored teas. It’s still good to know what to do if I ever have this situation come up.

A Treasure Trove of Japanese Teas
+Brett Boynton wrote about an awesome event put together by Heather Porter and +Cinnabar Wright. The Wakocha that they served at the event definitely sounds like it’s up my alley.

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