Friday Round Up: February 1st – February 7th

Friday Round Up: February 1st – February 7th

Discover the World of Tea at the Toronto Tea Festival
Lu Ann at The Cup of Life shared a great summary of her experience at the Toronto Tea Festival. This is one event that is definitely on my to-do list.

5 Point Checklist for Gongfu Tea Preparation
+White2Tea is one vendor whose blog I read religiously. This post is a great reference point for tea drinkers that are just starting out.

Cha Doraku
+Ricardo Caicedo never fails to surprise me with new info about Japanese teas. On his latest podcast episode he discusses bihakkou, a method of making green tea that involves an extra step of oxidation.

The five-fold essence of tea
I’ve really enjoyed the articles from +Wu De (of Global Tea Hut fame) on T Ching. Tea is indeed friendship 🙂

2007 Ronzhen Imperial Concubine Sheng Raw Puerh from PuerhShop
I’ve just recently discovered a new blog called Hot Leaf Juice Tea. I really enjoy his review style.

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