Friday Round Up: December 18th – December 24th

I Heart Hario
I don’t own one of those neato Hario fishbowl type set ups but ThinkTeaNYC’s post reminded me of how much I wish I did. There’s just something special about really being able to watch the leaves unfurl.

The Wall Tea Infuser from Boreal Wildcraft
Speaking of teaware I wish I had, +Charissa Gascho wrote about one of my World Tea Expo regrets. Apparently, I am the only blogger in attendance who did not pick up one of these neato grandpa style mugs.

The Best of 2016, A Year in Review
+Amanda Freeman just might drink more tea than anyone I know, and that’s saying a lot! Somehow she managed to narrow down the multitude of leaves to a list of the best that 2016 brought to her teacup.

Recipe: Chai Infused Sugar Cookies
One of the things I enjoy other than tea but don’t get to do very often is baking. I’m actually quite good at it, or so people tell me in between mouthfuls of Christmas cookies. This recipe from Amy Lee Cup of Tea is one that I’ll definitely be filing away to make at some point in the future.

Weighing the Tea
+Cwyn N brought up some excellent points concerning weighing tea. Leaf ratio can have a big effect on the outcome. This is something really important for bloggers to consider as the way we brew a tea can change how we feel about it. I tend to be a little too heavy-handed with leaf volume but have been trying to trust my intuition a bit more.

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