Friday Round Up: August 9th – August 15th

Friday Round Up: August 9th – August 15th

2015 If You Are Reading This It’s 2 Late Sheng Pu’er Review from White2Tea
Sometimes +Charissa Gascho‘s best reviews are when she gets deliriously tea drunk. This new offering from +White2Tea kept her up and wired until 3am!

Why Letting Women Take Tea Breaks Was Once Considered Dangerous
NPR has been doing a great series of tea articles every Tuesday. The latest addition made me very glad that I live in an age where no one thought that sipping a cuppa would make me a radical feminist.

It’s Tea Festival Season
Tea Biz is one of my go to places for the latest industry info. In this week’s post they detail three tea festivals that I had not heard of before. I only wish that I lived closer to them!

Meijiawu Lung Ching (Harney & Sons)
I was over the moon to see a tea review this week from my friend +Chris Giddings. His thoroughness is something that I definitely admire since my own reviews tend to be on the short and sweet side.

A Castleton Comparison
What would the Friday Round Up be without an appearance by +Geoffrey Norman? He’s celebrating the sipping anniversary of his favorite tea. It’s definitely one of my favorites as well.

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