Friday Round Up: August 21st and August 27th

Friday Round Up: August 21st and August 27th

Announcing Tea-spiration: My First Book + Pre-order
I’d like to send a big round of applause and congratulations to +Lu Ann Pannunzio. She’s releasing her first book. How awesome is that!

Compression and Storage – Why It Matters
Guy with a Gaiwan wrote a great post explaining the importance of compression when it comes to aging puerh tea. This is a subject that often doesn’t get much attention but it definitely deserves further exploration.

No-Churn Green Tea Ice Cream
Sometimes I daydream about getting an ice cream maker so that I can make all of the green tea ice cream my heart desires. +Bonnie Eng came up with this dangerously delicious no-churn recipe so I may just get me wish soon.

Tea Processing Chart
+Tony Gebely‘s tea processing chart is a resource I often refer others to. In this updated version he’s changed oolong to wulong and clarified some of the steps. I highly recommend checking it out!

Tasting: Emerald Spring Green Tea from Nepali Tea Traders
+sara shacket discovered a gem of a green tea from one of my favorite Nepalese tea vendors. I love her vivid descriptions of this tea. I can almost taste it myself!