Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: August 14th – August 20th

Mini Matcha Donuts
Nazanin over at Tea Thoughts posted a super tasty sounding recipe for mini matcha donuts. I have a mini donut maker that I’ve only used a handful of times. I think it’s time to dust it off! While you’re there, check out her Etsy shop. She sells adorable handmade tea greeting cards.

Bitterleaf Teas: Sabertooth 2015 Feng Qing Ancient Tree Dian Hong Black Tea, A Tea review
+Alexsia Wilson‘s descriptions of this Yunnan black tea are so vivid that I can almost taste it. I have a bunch of samples from Bitterleaf Teas that I have to work through but once those are done, I definitely think I need to order some of this.

In Pursuit of Tea – Tieguanyin, Medium Roast
+Georgia SS wrote about a TGY that has a special place in my heart. When I first got into tea, In Pursuit of Tea’s tiny SoHo shop was a big part of my education. This tea is one that I sipped on regularly.

Oolong Owl’s Tea Beauty Product Collection Summer 2016
+Charissa Gascho did a great round up of all of the tea infused beauty products that she has found lately. I’ll definitely have to see if I can find the Fuji Green Tea Body Butter at The Body Shop when I’m at the mall later today.

Making tea on a hot day
Scott of Scottea gave us some great pointers about enjoying tea in the summer heat. His reference to Chanoyu’s practice of suggesting coolness is definitely on point. As much as I enjoy iced tea, I still need my hot tea fix even when the temperatures start to climb.

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