Friday Round Up: April 30th – May 6th

Brewing Tea with Yixing Teapots
Rather than a blog post, I wanted to feature a video from a new-to-me YouTube channel called Gaiwans on Fleek. Why didn’t I think of that name?

The Story of Ikkyu
+Ricardo Caicedo brings us a bit of a tea history lesson this week’s blog post. I’ve seen Ikkyu’s name mentioned in books a number of times but it is nice to get more in depth information.

A Wild Mountain Tea Mystery
+Geoffrey Norman made my heart happy with a film noir style sleuth into native Taiwanese tea varieties. There was even a bit of nostalgia thrown in from way back in our Teaviews days.

What Exactly is a Tea Pet?
+Lu Ann Pannunzio penned an intro to one of my favorite unnecessary (but still totally necessary) pieces of tea gear. Her Petunia reminds me of my own porcine tea pet.

2015 That’s No Moon Shou Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea
Given that yesterday was Star Wars Day, +Charissa Gascho‘s review of this offering from +Crimson Lotus Tea was certainly timely. The wrapper of this cake definitely makes my inner nerd smile.

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