Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: April 10th – April 16th

Tea Blog Confession: I Don’t Like Sheng Puerh
Tea blogging can be a tough gig! +Amanda Wilson posted this week about the total bummer realization that sheng puerh does not agree with her body.

2012 Huron Golden Needle from Whispering Pines Tea Co – Tea Review
+Charissa Gascho of Oolong Owl wrote a great review of a company that has definitely been on my radar lately. I always love her vivid descriptions and this shou sounds like it’s right up my alley.

APCC Tea Experience: Korea
Heather at Hanamichi wrote about an incredible Korean tea ceremony experience that she had. I had never heard of Tulkkae Ch’a before but it’s definitely something that I plan on researching a bit more.

2015 Autumn Ge Deng, Yunnan Sourcing
Ginko-san of Cukoo’s Song Tea Blog is a fairly new-to-me writer but I’ve really been enjoying their in depth style. I enjoy puerh but I’m no expert so I often rely on knowledgeable reviews like this one to guide my purchases.

Interview: Kyle Brown of Oliver Pluff & Company
It makes me so happy to see one of my tea friends connect with another tea friend! +sara shacket has been doing some serious digging into tea history so it makes perfect sense that she interview Kyle of Oliver Pluff & Company.

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