Awesome Tea Creators of Etsy

My wedding is pretty much being planned via Etsy. I love getting to support artisans while also making my big day unique at the same time. Since I’ve been spending so much time browsing the site I couldn’t help but notice all of the awesome tea related shops there are. Alas, my budget doesn’t allow for many tea purchases since we still have a giant party to pay for but I thought it might be fun to list some of my favorite Etsy shops in a blog post. I’ll start off with some of the wonderful pieces I already own and then finish with a list of shops whose stuff I wish I had.

David Holden Ceramics

I was initially drawn to David Holden’s shop because his teaware is made from hand dug native clay from Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula. My great-grandparents emigrated to New York from Ireland in the not-so-distant past so I felt like I just had to have one of his pieces. This guinomi is now one of my favorite teacups. I’m careful not to drink anything too dark because I would hate to stain the beautiful interior. It reminds me of crème brûlée! One of my favorite things about this piece is the razor-sharp lip. I have never seen anything quite like that level of craftsmanship.

Photo credit:  David Holden

Photo credit: David Holden

D. Michael Coffee Ceramics and Fine Art

This one is a bit of a throwback but I was happy to see that D. Michael Coffee is still producing amazing ceramics. I purchased this chawan through a TeaChat group buy way back in 2010. It’s almost as old as this blog! The stoneware base was glazed with ponderosa pine ash. The understated beauty of this set is never lost on me whenever I drink from it. The series was appropriately dubbed “In Praise of Shadows” by the artist. It was made even more special because he retired his signature four corners chop after this production.

In Praise of Shadows - photo credit:  Chip/TeaChat

In Praise of Shadows – photo credit: Chip/TeaChat

Tea Thoughts

Fellow tea blogger Nazanin of Tea Thoughts has an incredible tea inspired shop full of everything from adorable pins to wrapping paper, ornaments, and teapot confetti. Her pins, in particular, have really captured my fancy. They are such a fun way to show the world how much you love tea. I really admire her creativity and artistic abilities. It’s not easy to constantly come up with new and unique items but she always manages to surprise me with her offerings.

Other shops I love:

Teaware by Paul Fryman and Mikhail Tovstous

Clay & Wood Studio

Pottery by Inge Nielsen


Julia Smith Ceramics


Great Wheel Studio

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop that I missed? Let me know about it in the comments!

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