Erborian 3-in-1 Mask Matcha Green Tea Blast Mask

It’s not often that I write about beauty products here but I recently won a Twitter contest run by +Palais des Thés. I received a box of 8 packets of this mask as well as a box of their Sencha Ariake. I was definitely intrigued because one of the ingredients of the mask is powdered green tea from the Korean Boseong botanic garden. The packet contained a clay-like powder. It was fairly simple to use. Just add water, lather and apply.

I have fairly sensitive combination skin so using new products can be dicey. It did have an exfoliating affect it was not irritating or overly abrasive. I was skeptical but I have to say that my skin felt amazing the next day. There was definitely a visible difference in the visibility of pores. I tried it out in the midst of a summer heat wave. Long, sweaty days at work had not been doing my skin any favors but after applying this before bed, I woke up feeling really refreshed. This product is a little pricey but as a once in a while treat I’d definitely consider picking up some in the future.

3-in-1 Mask Matcha Green Tea Mask received as prize in Twitter contest run by Le Palais des Thés.

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