Element Tea Phoenix Tropical Peach Oolong

Phoenix Tropical Peach Oolong
Element Tea’s website states that this tea is grown in the Phoenix Mountains of the Guangdong Province of China. The ingredients are listed simply as oolong tea and tropical flavoring. The dry leaves smelled exactly like peach candy. I steeped this tea using my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker with 195 degree water for 4 minutes. The liquor was a deep amber color and darker than most oolongs.

This tea was much more delicate than I expected it to be. The peach flavor was present but in a subtle and natural way. The oolong base wasn’t very noticeable but it did add a bit of creaminess. The only complaint I have is the ambiguity about the ingredients. I like to know exactly what I am drinking. This tea was very nicely done and I’ve been impressed by Element Tea’s offerings so far. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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