Element Tea Mandarin Silk Oolong

Organic Mandarin Silk
Element Tea lists the ingredients of this blend as consisting of oolong tea, organic lemon myrtle, marigold petals and natural flavors. The dry leaves were dark green and twisted in appearance. I doubt the marigold added much to the taste but they provided a very pretty splash of color. I steeped this tea using my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker with 195 degree water for 4 minutes.

This tea was not offensive by any means but simply put, it tasted exactly like creamy lemongrass. The oolong was not discernible in the flavor profile. This blend really just wasn’t for me. I am not a fan of lemon to begin with so I cannot really hold that against them. I have enjoyed several of Element Teas other offerings. If you enjoy citrus teas then you might like this one but I probably would not recommend this tea.

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