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David’s Tea Teapop

When I heard about David’s Teas latest creation, I just had to make a trip to their Bleecker Street store to give it a try. It sounded so refreshing for summer, especially if using a tropical flavored tea. I ordered one with Pineapple Oolong and just a touch of agave. My boyfriend ordered Main Squeeze with a bit more agave since he has a sweet tooth. I was intrigued to see that basically steeped concentrated tea and mixed it with sparkling water that made using a Soda Stream. I bet you can guess what is on my appliance wish list now!

I  had my doubts but I have to say that they were pretty yummy. Mine reminded me of an Italian soda. Jason’s was tasty but for some reason turned out quite a bit flatter than mine. He had some carbonation jealousy but still enjoyed it. David’s Tea posted the recipe on their website so I will definitely be attempting to make these at home. Have you tried Teapop yet?

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