David’s Tea Salted Caramel

Country of Origin: not listed
Leaf Appearance:small and dark, flecked with brown bits and something somewhat yellowish (presumaby the sea salt)
Ingredients: black tea, coconut, caramel bits, English toffee bits, sea salt, natural and artificial flavoring
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 205 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic teacup and mesh infuser
Liquor: deep reddish brown

I sampled this tea as part of my David’s Teas 24 Days of Tea advent calendar. I could smell the sticky sweetness of this tea before I even took my first sip. I was happy to find the taste a little more mild than the aroma. The caramel and toffee wasn’t overwhelming but they were definitely there. There was a really nice creaminess in the finish of each sip. The base black tea was somewhat malty but still had a pleasant earthiness and brisk astringency. The saltiness came through almost as an aftertaste. I couldn’t really pick up the coconut but that was ok by me as there was already a lot going on flavor-wise. This was a great desert tea that certainly satisfied my sweet tooth. While this blend was more than fine on it’s own, I could see it taking a spot of milk nicely. I might go with something light like an almond milk rather than my usual whole milk. The flavoring was very well done and I definitely see myself ordering a latte the next time I’m in one of David’s Tea’s NYC shops.

You can find out more about this tea here.