David’s Tea Glitter & Gold

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: dark black with lots of gold balls and specks of silvery sugar crystals
Ingredients: black tea, sugar crystals, gold sugar balls, vanilla, orange peel, cloves, natural and artificial flavoring
Steep time: 6 minutes
Water Temperature: 205 degrees
Preparation Method: glass teapot
Liquor: reddish brown

I’m not one to go for sugary blends but I just couldn’t keep eyes off of this tea on a trip to one David’s Teas’ NYC shops. The dry tea was really beautiful to look at because of the gold sugar balls and silvery sugar crystals. Once I added the hot water, my pot was filled with a cloud of iridescent shimmer. It was so mesmerizing that I practically forgot to drink it. I had a lot of difficulty describing it so I took a short video that you can see below. The base tea was nutty and mild with very little astringency, even when my second steep was a bit too long. Cinnamon was the dominant flavor but a hint of citrus came though at the end of each sip. I definitely recommend giving this a try and suggest using a glass pot and cups so that you can really enjoy the show.