Cost Plus World Market Talisman Tea Infuser Mug

I’m always looking for easy ways to make tea on the go so I was really excited to give this one a try. The mug that I received was a different print (a pretty Asian inspired one) than the ones shown on their site but it had the same basic design. The set featured a tall mug with an ceramic infuser that fit inside and a lid. It retained heat well but didn’t get so hot that I was unable to touch it.

While aesthetically pleasing, I thought that the holes on the infuser were too large. I had trouble keeping anything but very large leafed teas (like my favorite dan cong) from slipping through. For this reason, I definitely prefer steel mesh infuser baskets over ceramic ones like this. If you don’t mind leaves in your cup then it’s really not that big of a deal. This mug would make a great gift for someone just getting started with tea or for someone who likes to make tea at the office.