Cinnamon Girl Matcha Single Serve Packets

Country of Origin: Japan
Leaf Appearance: bright green powder
Ingredients: green tea
Water Temperature: 165 degrees
Preparation Method: traditional whisking
Liquor: deep green, frothy

I think at this point everyone is aware of my matcha addiction, especially if the green stuff is from Uji. When Ireland based Cinnamon Girl Matcha offered me a chance to try their single serve packets, all I could say was, “Yes, Please!”. I loved reading on their website how the owner, Karolina, was an obsessive coffee drinker before matcha converted her. It’s a similar story to what I often hear from my customers at work.

Each packet contains exactly 2 grams of tea. I really like the idea of packaging matcha this way. Not only does it keep the tea fresher but it’s great for grabbing when you’re on the go. Just empty the packet into a bottle of water and shake, an instant pick me up! I’ve been stashing some in my purse for caffeine emergencies. Of course, the matcha can also be whisked with hot water the old fashioned way.

The first thing I noticed about this matcha was the aroma. It was deeply vegetal and very fresh. That’s always something that I look for when gauging quality. If you can’t smell your matcha, it is more likely to be a lower grade or well past its prime. Buyer beware when it comes to that dusty can you found sitting on a shelf in the local Asian supermarket.

The taste was vegetal and smooth with just the right amount of astringency. It packed a bit more of a punch than some Uji matchas that I’ve tried before but it never bordered on unpleasant. A welcome dose of umami helped to keep things balanced. There was also a really nice creamy texture that had me savoring every sip.

If you’re planning on whisking your matcha, I’d definitely still recommend sifting it first to avoid clumps. This also helps to improve the texture and froth-ability. The tea dispersed pretty well when shaken in a water bottle but taking a few swigs first will help to avoid getting matcha all over the top of your bottle.

Make sure that you follow their gorgeously curated Instagram: @cinnamongirlmatcha.

Matcha Single Serve Packets were provided for review by Cinnamon Girl Matcha.

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