Chef Express Green Tea with Brown Rice

My local Shoprite supermarket recently renovated and added a sushi station. I love it not just because they have halfway decent sushi and Japanese goodies like Pocky but also because they regularly stock cans of inexpensive matcha. This comes in handy since I love to cook with it so much. On a recent visit I very surprised to see plastic deli containers of super green genmaicha sitting on the shelf.

Loose leaf tea is completely unheard of in my neck of the woods so this was a rare treat. There was definitely a lot of rice in proportion to the green tea but at $3.50 for 8oz of tea, you just can’t beat it. Was it the best that I’ve ever had? Definitely not but it was not the worst either. I’m not “reviewing” this tea since I have no idea where it actually came from but if your Shoprite has a sushi station keep an eye out for it.

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