CDN Digital Tea Timer

 I finally killed my much treasured Taylor Tea Thermometer. Since it didn’t last me very long (due to overuse I am sure), I decided to try something new. A quick search on Amazon turned up the CDN Digital Tea Timer. The first thing that struck me when I got it was, WTF? Brozh? There were a whole bunch of tea abbreviations that I wasn’t familiar with at all. This was troubling since I drink an awful lot of tea and am familiar with most terms, even obscure Chinese ones.
So I called CDN and the girl I spoke to was very helpful, except she didn’t know what they meant either. The one thing I will give them is excellent cust0mer service. A week or so later she emailed me with the information. I’ll post it here in case anyone else out there is as confused as I was.
Baozhing – BROZH
Black – Black
Black Oolong – Booln
Chia – Chia
China – China
Darjeeling – Dajel
Earl Grey – earl grey
Fruit – fruit
Green – green
Green Oolong – gooln
Japanese – japan
Jasmine – jasmin
Poochung – pooch
Puerh – pueht
Root – root tea
White – white
Doesn’t make them much clearer but helps a little. I still have no idea what chia is. My guess is either the leaves that sprout from a chia pet or a mispelling of chai. It’s usable but I really do miss my Taylor thermometer. I’ll eventually cave and order other one but this will tide me over for now.