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    A New Way of Displaying Teacups

    Displaying teacups has always been a challenge for me, especially on shelves that are higher up. I recently found some nifty stands on Amazon that were a great solution. They’re just simple plastic pieces that allow the saucer to stand up behind the teacup. Not all cups will fit perfectly but I didn’t run into any where I couldn’t make it work. Some of my saucers have pretty designs that were hidden until now. That definitely makes me happy. I’ll need to pick up one more pack to finish everything but my teaware collection is already looking more organized. Before After

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    Takeya Modern Flip Straw with Carry Handle 18oz

    I’ll let you in on a secret. I love iced tea! I grew up drinking lots of the sweetened stuff. Now that my tea tastes have changed a bit I prefer unsweetened varieties but I still very much enjoy swigging a cold one. The trouble is, finding bottled unsweetened iced tea these days is like finding a needle in a haystack. Bringing my own seemed to be the only solution. I’ve tried both plastic and aluminum travel bottles but they were all hard to clean and added unpleasant tastes. That is why I was so excited when I saw these new glass bottles from Takeya. I’m rather accident prone so glass makes me…

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    Teavivre Custom Made Chinese Gongfu Gaiwan

    One can never have too much teaware. At least that is what I tell myself when I look at my overflowing shelves. That didn’t stop me from doing a happy dance when +TeaVivre included this adorable gaiwan with a recent batch of samples. The design is wider and squatter than all of my other gaiwans (this one is number five). It was comfortable to hold and pours very well. The capacity isn’t too large and its white color really helps the color of whatever tea I am drinking to shine. At just $13.90, this gaiwan would be a great first step for someone who is just starting to explore the gongfu method. Gaiwan provided…

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    Favorite Friday: Teapots

    Last week I feature five of my favorite teacups and it wasn’t any easier choosing teapots for this week’s installment. My teaware collection is pretty varied so I’ve got everything ranging from traditional yixing to British style Brown Bettys. What’s your favorite teapot? 1. Numi Organic Tea Signature Glass Tea Pot 2. Pier 1 Ginger Lily Teapot 3. Old Amsterdam Porcelain Works Royal Blue Teapot 4. Seven Cups Sunrise Pear Yi Xing Pot 5. Rishi Tea Tsuki Teapot Click here to see all of my Favorite Friday posts.

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    Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

    In a perfect world we would have the time to sit and gongfu the heck out of every single tea we drink. Most days, at least for me, that is sadly not the case. I’m always on the look out for tools to make it easier to enjoy tea and gravity steepers like this one are a great option. +Teavana‘s Perfect Tea Maker was included in the goodie bag when I attended the preview event for the new Teavana Fine Teas +Tea Bar in NYC. I have a similar contraption at work but this one was definitely much nicer (and not just because it’s new and shiny). It fit perfectly on my large…