Carpe Tea-em

Recently something happened that reminded me that I need to Carpe Tea-um. I was digging through my box of random leftover teas and to my dismay discovered a Ziploc bag containing what was left of my America Tea Room Arya Pearl First Flush White Darjeeling Tea. It was and still is one of the best white teas that I have ever had. I originally reviewed this tea close to two years ago and had put it there to stow it away for a special occasion. The trouble is that the special occasion never presented itself.

Hoping against hope, I steeped some in my glass teapot and was heartbroken to find that it was a dull and lifeless shadow of its former self. It had lost almost all of its aroma and brightness due to my negligence. It’s not so much the expense that was upsetting but the thought that I had wasted such an amazing tea. I’ve talked with many fellow tea lovers who have had this same thing happen to them. We all tend to hoard and store away our very best teas. But then, what is tea for if not to drink it? There are certainly teas that can and should be stored long term, such as puerh, but most should be consumed within six months or so. From now on I vow to seize the tea and drink it whenever I darn well feel like it. Life is simply too short for bad tea. Have you ever had this happen to you?