Boulder Tea Oolong

I have enjoyed several of Boulder Tea’s green teas so I was looking forward to trying their oolong. Unfortunately, I have to say that I was very disappointed with this oolong. Boulder Tea describes this tea as a Korean semi-fermented green oolong with long loose leaves and tender flavor. I tried brewing this tea two different ways. First, I brewed it using my Zarafina tea maker. Second, I used a traditional teapot with an infuser basket. The liquor was a deep gold color, turning out slightly darker using the tea maker.

I could not detect any aroma in either cup. There was no flavor to speak of in both attempts as well, not even bitterness. I may as well have been drinking plain hot water. I am a lover of oolongs because of the range of flavors they possess. This tea simply did not cut the mustard. I’ve had other Korean oolongs and enjoyed them very much so I’m not sure what the problem with this selection was.

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