Awesome Tea Creators of YouTube

I’m always on the look out for fun and interesting YouTube videos that revolve around my favorite topic (tea!). Recently I’ve discovered some folks who are doing really cool things so I thought that I would share them with you. These are channels that I subscribe to and their content is primarily tea oriented. Some are people that I consider close friends, some of them are total strangers. That’s the beauty of the internet getting together with tea. It brings us all together 🙂

I’m sure that there are some people that I missed so let me know in the comments if there is a channel that I should add to this post!

Tea DB
You might remember these guys from when I interviewed them on my podcast. James and Denny definitely hold the record for the most videos made. They’re on episode 66! I really enjoy their chemistry and tea nerd tendencies.

Tea Sisters
This channel makes me wish my sister liked tea. Nicolette and Sophia are an adorably dynamic duo who puts together some really creative content.

The Snooty Tea Person
If you love tea puns, I’ve got the YouTube channel for you. The Snooty Tea Person is best described by her tag line: Answers. Anecdotes. An-tea-oxidants.

Tea Avenger
I originally found Tea Avenger through their Tumblr blog. She’s only got a few videos under her belt but I really enjoyed the Tea of the Day features.

Kathy YL Chan
Fellow blogger Kathy YL Chan has put together a series of great instructional videos involving tea. Some of the recipes sound and look absolutely delicious.

Lazy Literatus
Long time tea friend Geoff Norman has made some very entertaining videos where he reviews tea as Batman. Need I say more?

Tea Geek
Tea Geek is the host of a show called Let’s Talk Tea. They’ve had a handful of episodes so far but they’ve all been very thought provoking.

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