Art of Tea Meyer Lemon 2QT Iced Tea Pouches

Country of Origin: not listed
Leaf Appearance: small, mixed greens and browns
Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Rosehips, Natural Flavors
Steep time: 10 hours
Water Temperature: room temperature
Preparation Method: Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker
Liquor: deep gold

I know that I’ve probably said it often enough but I am really loving this iced tea line from +Art of Tea. The biodegradable pouches make it super easy to cold steep in the fridge, leaving me with less work and lots of iced tea to enjoy. This is the fourth flavor that I’ve tried and they have all been fantastic. The cheery, bright yellow label caught my eye while I was rummaging through my “things to be reviewed” box. Meyer lemon sounded like such a summery flavor, ideal for sipping while relaxing on a wrap around porch. I was happy to find that my instinct was correct. The taste was light and refreshing with lots of zing. Lemon was definitely the dominant flavor but it wasn’t overdone or artificial tasting. The base combo of green tea and green rooibos was vaguely vegetal but mostly provided a mellow backdrop for the citrus to really shine. This blend had a natural sweetness to it so you won’t need to add anything.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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