All In This Tea

All In This Tea is exactly the type of documentary that a tea enthusiast would ask for. It gives an inside look at the history and culture of tea, how it is made and how it makes its way to our cups here in the United States. This film is beautifully done and many of the shots of the Chinese countryside and mountains are simply breathtaking. It is factual without being overly dry or serious. While most of the film follows David Lee Hoffman, it also features interviews and lectures from several other renowned tea experts. I could listen to James Norwood Pratt pontificate on tea all day.

There are so many aspects of the tea industry that the buying public has no conception of. It gave me a new appreciation of the tea farmers that truly are masters of their craft. David struggles to show the tea factory executives the advantages that handmade, organic teas have over those produced in factories. I sincerely hope that his prediction that the art of making such high quality tea will soon be lost never comes to pass. I felt the sudden urge to take a tea tour of China after watching this film. It had the same effect on my occasionally tea drinking boyfriend. For that feat alone, I am eternally grateful. I am also now very jealous of David’s Puerh cave.