Adagio Teas Sweet Medley Collection

Photo: Adagio Teas

Now that I’ve finally reviewed all of the flavors in this gift set, I thought that I should also review it as a whole. Always the skeptic, especially when it comes to tea bags, I have to say that I was really impressed. Not all of the flavors were exactly my cup of tea but that was more of a matter of personal preference than the actual quality of the blends. As bagged teas go, these are about as good as it gets. They’re not spectacular but they are all pretty darned tasty and not too far off from their loose leaf equivalents. The packaging is cardboard but it was simple, sturdy and well designed. I would definitely recommend this collection, especially as a gift or even just to keep at the office. I’ve been keeping this on my desk at work and those little bags fueled me through several it’s-way-too-early-for-this mornings.

The Sweet Medley Collection consists of 30 tea bags, 5 each of the following flavors:
Peach Oolong
Citrus Green
Earl Grey
White Blueberry
Vanilla Rooibos

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