Adagio Teas Masala Chai

Photo: Adagio Teas

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Leaf Appearance: dark, lots of cloves and ginger pieces
Ingredients: Ceylon sonata tea, cardamom pods, ginger root, cloves, black tea, cinnamon bark, natural cinnamon flavor
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 212 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic teacup and mesh infuser
Liquor: dark brown

Winter is on its way which means I’m drinking more and more chai. This version from Adagio Teas was bold and spicy. The cinnamon and ginger definitely dominated but I was still able to taste the black tea underneath. It’s a little milder than some other chai teas I have tried since they opted to use Ceylon instead of the traditional Assam. While not overly astringent, I still prefered it with a touch of milk and sugar. If you are a fan of chai lattes (and who isn’t?) try boiling this in a sauce pan with milk instead of water. You’ll get a creamy, spicy treat. Whole milk develops a bit of a film because of the fat content. I just pull it off but if it bothers you, try using skim milk. This particular blend is inexpensive so it’s great to keep around the house for when the mood strikes on chilly days.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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