Adagio Teas Signature Blends – My First Attempt

Since my boyfriend has recently discovered his love of tea, I decided to attempt to make an Adagio signature blend for him as a Valentine’s day gift (don’t worry, he never reads this blog so my cover isn’t blown). He’s a big fan of flavored teas and adulterating them with stevia so my blend was a combo of vanilla oolong, mango and chocolate. I ordered some for myself too just to make sure it doesn’t taste like poop. This is so not a “me” tea but it actually wasn’t that bad. It got better as it cooled off, which is perfect since he prefers his tea luke warm. I also got him their tasting set so he’d having something manly to brew in :). I’ll be sure to post his reaction. I’m excited because his present to me is a trip to Cha Ma Gu Dao before going to a Jersey Rockhoppers hockey game.