Adagio Teas Peppermint (Pyramid Bag)

Photo: Adagio Teas

Country of Origin: Not given
Leaf Appearance: small, sage green
Ingredients: peppermint
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 212 degrees
Preparation Method: porcelain mug
Liquor: deep gold

This tea was packaged in a silky pyramid tea bag and is part of the Sweet Medley Gourmet Tea Collection. It was sweet with a very cooling aftertaste. It wasn’t bitter or medicinal at all. Talk about a breath of fresh air! You would be hard pressed to find a stick of gum that would be more refreshing. Peppermint isn’t for everyone but I LOVE it. I always keep a stash of it around to help soothe tummy troubles or sore throats. It also keeps me awake at work without caffeine. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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