Adagio Teas Casablanca Twist Green

Photo: Adagio Tea

Ever since I joined Teaviews I have been hearing about the virtues of Casablanca Twist and I jumped at the chance once a sample was available. Adagio lists the ingredients as including Darjeeling green tea and peppermint. I could tell I would love this tea just by how it smelled. Both the try leaves and the final product have a refreshing minty smell that I wish could be bottled. I brewed it using my Zarafina tea maker set on strong green. The liquor was a deep golden color.

This is exactly what a mint tea should be. The mint definitely took prevalence over the green tea, in fact I could barely taste the green tea. I would normally consider that a bad thing, if it weren’t for the fact that this tea was so incredibly refreshing. It was cooling and refreshing like no other tea I have tasted. I have brewed straight mint leaves and it wasn’t nearly as good. I think the green tea dramatically improves the taste and crispness of this blend.

You can find out more about this tea here.