My name is Nicole and I love tea...a lot! My journey with the leaf started with milky sweet cups of Red Rose black tea bags. In college, I started exploring the other options out there to help me stay awake during all-nighters. I was amazed to learn that some teas don't even come in a bag. Oolong and white tea? I was hooked and quickly found myself diving into the deep end.

I signed on to be a staff reviewer at and was quickly exposed to teas from all over the world. The experience there was an enjoyable one but I knew that I wanted to explore this new found passion even further. That was how this blog came to be. It became a creative outlet and a documentation of everything that I learned along the way.

Ten years later, I am still constantly learning and growing. My goal is to make tea fun and accessible for my readers while helping to promote small tea businesses and share their stories. The focus of the blog has evolved with my tastes. At first, I wrote about anything and everything, including a lot of flavored teas and blends. These days my interests have narrowed to directly sourced, unflavored teas.

I love hearing from you so please, don't be afraid to comment! Feel free to drop me a line anytime at:

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