Friday Roundup: November 26th – December 2nd

Holiday entertaining. Tea and food pairings to wow your guests

Wondering how to work tea into your holiday gatherings? She’s covered everything from cocktails to dessert. I’m definitely going to have to give some of these ideas a try when I host my family for Christmas Eve dinner.

White Teas from Vietnam

Geoffrey Norman of Lazy Literatus always has a nose for sniffing out unusual teas from interesting origins. Vietnam has a lot of potential as a tea producing region and I loved seeing the pictures that Geoff Hopkins shared.

Oollo Tea’s Four Seasons Oolong

Michelle at One More Steep reviews a delicious sounding oolong from Canadian brand Oollo Tea. I just love her photography style and thorough yet straightforward writing. Notes of roasted chestnuts would really hit the spot right now!

Classic Tea Time Christmas Wreath

This week Bonnie at Thirsty for Tea brings us a crafty and creative Christmas wreath. I love the idea of using mini tea tins and tiny teaspoons. I have a ton of things like this from my time working at Teavana so I will definitely be making my own version soon.

They say that great minds think alike and I find that is especially true when it comes to tea blogs. Three of my favorite writers posted holiday gift guides this week.

The Tea Happiness 2017 Gift Guide

Three Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Gifts for the Discerning Tea Lover

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