Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Copco Total Tea Lily Pad Tea Ball

Photo: Copco
I don’t often use infusers but they are useful when I’m feeling lazy or need to make a cup on the run. I was recently contacted by Copco to test out one of their products. The Lily Pad Tea Ball they sent me consisted of a stainless steel steeping basket that connected to a silicone lily pad. The idea of the lily pad is to collect excess water to help keep surfaces clean and dry. Not only was it adorable but it was also quite functional and easier to use than other infusers I have encountered. I don’t recommend using it with small leaf particle teas like Irish breakfast but otherwise it works perfectly. It was easy to clean after use as well. I love the modern look of this line and I find myself wanting all of it, especially their personal tea pots.

You can find out more about this infuser here.