Thursday, October 9, 2008

Andao Ancient Mountain Porcelain Drinking Cup

Photo: Andao Tea
I purchased a set of four of these cups for use with the matching gaiwan that is also available from Andao. The first thing that struck me was the simple beauty of the blue mountain landscape design against the stark white of the cup. Having never seen tasting cups before, I found their diminutive size pretty comical. I couldn’t imagine using them very often because I tend to drink a lot of tea throughout the day. However, I now find myself using them more and more.

Their small size forces me to slow down and really savor the tea that I am imbibing. It is so relaxing to actually take that time to enjoy tea rather than gulping it and running out the door as was my usual practice. They are also great for sharing with my family members, most of whom find my tea habit bizarre and intriguing. Not as much tea is wasted since they can try just a small sip. Of course that is usually followed by the "eeewwww" face but that is whole other blog topic :)