Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Round Up: August 7th - August 13th

Who ARE these people?
+Robert Godden did a bit of investigating into the people behind the tea quotes that are often bandied about. The part about Arthur Wing Pinero was particularly interesting to me.

Interview with James Grayland of Wan Ling Tea House
I've heard quite a bit about Wan Ling Tea House from my friends in the U.K. Mehmet at Chapedia interviewed one of the owners on his blog this week.

Agarwood Puerh, and the Tale of Two J(G)e(o)ffreys
+Geoffrey Norman got to try a very exclusive puerh. I remember having a wee bit of tea envy at World Tea Expo. Living vicariously through this blog post is good enough I suppose. ðŸ˜›

Minto Island Tea Company Tour
+Heather Porter went on a tour of Oregon's first tea farm. Those pictures look amazing! This is probably the closest I'll come to seeing a real tea field for a while so I'm taking in each and every one of them.

Matcha Green Tea Slushie
It can be hard to cope with sweltering summer heat but these slushies from +Lu Ann Pannunzio sound like just the thing. I never would have thought of making matcha ice cubes. This is such a neat idea!