Monday, April 4, 2016

Tea Journey: Exactly What the Tea World Has Been Waiting For

I've been seriously studying tea for many years now and one of my biggest frustrations has been the lack of quality information in the west. While there have been some excellent books published recently I still find myself thirsting for more. Over the years I've poured through back issues of Art of Tea or struggled with Google translate more times than I can count. When I first heard rumors of a new magazine for serious tea drinkers I might have done a back flip or two. All I could think was, it's about time!

Needless to say I've already subscribed to Tea Journey and taken a thorough look at the inaugural issue. The information presented kept me reading page after page. A variety of topics were covered but they all involved tea and tea culture in some way. I spotted familiar faces among the authors but there were quite a few "new to me" names as well. Three 150 page issues will be published every year. My only issue with that is I want more! I love that it is digital so I was able to read it on the go as well as on my computer.

This quote from their editor and publisher Dan Bolton summed it up best:
Think of us as a digital caravan of story tellers who travel to origin and return with authoritative, elusive and exclusive articles, photos and video that will help you to discover your tea destiny.
A beautiful preview of Tea Journey's layout
Tea Journey very much depends on the support of the worldwide tea community. It is a self-financed collaborative venture, not a large corporation looking to make a quick buck on the rising tea trend. If we want knowledge we all need to make sure that projects like this one succeed. I'm looking forward to diving deeper and hope that you are too.

How can you help make Tea Journey a reality?

-Contribute to their Kickstarter campaign.

-Spread to the word to every tea lover you know.

-Follow them on social media.

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