Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Round Up: March 6th - March 12th

Mauna Kea Tea on the Big Island
+Bonnie Eng posted about every tea lover's dream trip. She got to visit Mauna Kea Tea! They make one of my all time favorite green teas. Now if only my budget would allow for indulging more than once a year...

Tea Review - Four Tieguanyin Oolongs
+Georgia SS wrote a very in depth review of a variety of Tie Guan Yin Oolongs. I really liked that she chose not to compare and contrast the teas. The oolong tuo cha is definitely something that caught my eye.

Spring Tea Among Tea Trees
Stephane of Tea Masters blog always posts pictures of incredibly beautiful tea sessions. This week's just might take the cake though. I definitely left his page inspired to fit in more outdoor tea drinking.

Afternoon Tea at the Baccarat Hotel NYC
+sara shacket enjoyed a very pricey but delicious sounding afternoon tea with friends. I don't often treat myself to that kind of experience but the 'Prince of Wales' at the Baccarat is definitely added to my wishlist.

On The Mark Off Brand Use for Tea
+Rachana Rachel Carter gave us some great ideas on how to use tea other than drinking it. I think a spa night with that black tea salt scrub is in order.